Custom Cabinets, Countertops, Tile & More

At Millworx Cabinets & Interiors, our main goal is to provide you with a quality, fully functional kitchen, bathroom, bar, or any cabinet project. One that best utilizes the space available.

Custom Cabinets

We offer a complete design service that best optimizes the layout. Providing high-quality cabinets and countertops in a broad range of styles and finishes.

It all starts with an in-house consultation. Where we identify your needs and requirements. We offer this consultation for free. No obligation. From this consultation, a plan is developed. A plan that includes:

  • choosing the door handles and drawer pulls
  • cabinet finishes
  • countertops (if required)
  • backsplash (if required)
  • self-closing doors and drawers
  • pull-our shelves
  • and any other special features

When designing your cabinets, we make sure to not leave inaccessible space (dead corners) in the design.

Cabinet Refacing

Millworx Cabinets & Interiors also offers refacing services. Where only doors and drawer fronts are replaced. We can install with the soft-close European hinges and drawer slides.

The cabinet structure itself is also refinished with matching veneers to the door and drawer finish.

If this is the option you would like, we can also use this time to accommodate larger appliances and provide more cabinets as required.


Laminate countertops are constructed in-house.

We offer solid surface countertops through third-party providers if you don’t already have your own provider.

Electrical & Plumbing

Millworx Cabinets & Interiors does provide basic plumbing services for any new sink, garburator, or fixture install.

If your project requires more than basic plumbing or any electrical work, we have affiliates to help with these services as well.

Tile & Backsplash

Millworx Cabinets & Interiors also will install tile if required. Including backsplash behind kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

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